Take Root & Thrive



Your business is unique and so are you. Our services are tailored to meet you where you are today – be it the fire hose or the intermittent sprinkler – we can do that.


A real partner in your success – someone to get you focused, keep you focused and help you achieve your goals.

Real change takes real action. We are all about that.


Together we will:

  • get clear about your goals, your needs and obstacles to success.

  • create concrete and achievable goals (if you don’t already have them), set a plan of action and then implement each and every strategy. Week-in and week-out, you’ll move closer to realizing your goals, refocusing and adjusting as needed.

  • celebrate your successes and seek to maximize them.

  • analyze your failures and turn them into opportunities.

In short, we’ll keep you focused on the important stuff, so you can’t help but succeed. If you are ready to kick your business into high achievement-mode, this option is for you. 


Occasional input – someone to confer with when the need arises.

We all need extra support once in awhile. If you are doing just fine on your own, but sometimes wish you had an expert to strategize a problem, improve your marketing, services or customer retention, this is a great option for you. 


Hands-on assistance – someone to help carry the marketing load.

Staying connected to your customers and target market not only takes thought and a well-planned strategy, it takes time, effort, and consistency. Many business owners struggle to maintain meaningful and consistent connection with their clients and prospects even though they know it is key their success.


If you have the will but not the time, we can help. We like to keep our fingers in the proverbial pie and schedule permitting, we can get you started, keep you moving consistently forward or refer you to someone who can. 


Have an event coming up? 

Need an experienced speaker to share marketing pearls of wisdom? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s connect.

What Do You Need Help With? 

Tell me all about it in a free 20 minute consultation. Send me a message and we will schedule some time.