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 Take Your business to new heights



Founder and Chief Strategist, Jill Palamountain knows how to grow businesses. She has been doing so for 30 some years for large and small companies alike. It’s just part of her DNA to be curious about how your business works; to clearly see the obstacles that are holding your company back and to bring the knowledge and tools needed to effectively remove them.


Real results take time, focus, consistency and a proven strategic approach to set and keep growth in motion. Our clients get real results because we start right where they are, with the needs most urgent to them, in the time they have available. Unlike a cookie-cutter program, we build an approach that uniquely fits you. It is your business after all.


One thing we consistently hear from clients is how we helped them focus. They usually know exactly what they need to do but lack the ability to focus on the issue. Business gets in the way; ‘to do’ lists; fear or a million other things one grants priority over the critically important issues of growing a business. We’ll help you get and stay focused on the really important issues that stand in your way to business success.


No one knows your business better than you. A great coaching partner comes to the table full of wide-eyed optimism and enthusiasm to learn all about your business – to understand what you do well, what you struggle with and where you want to take your business endeavor. Curiosity is in our DNA. We bring it to each session; ask lots of questions and help you see more clearly than your eyes alone can envision. The end result is always improved vision.


Each of us is a brilliant being, deserving of respect and honor from ourselves and others. Our world pushes and pulls us in so many ways. It can be difficult to maintain balance from one moment to the next. Often we are tempted to be or do something that we don’t feel good about just to keep up with the latest, greatest, sure-fire scheme. We’re here to help you discover and hone your authentic self. There is nothing more satisfying than becoming who you are meant to be.


Business is serious, yes. But it should also be fun. Fun to learn; to create and implement and watch the results come in; to challenge yourself and stretch beyond your current vision. We are serious, get down-to-business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we are at it. One way we do this is by celebrating the big achievements, the little ones and especially the hard earned ones. Sometimes chocolate is involved. Hey, you work hard for your money. You deserve to enjoy your successes. Celebrate every milestone, every anniversary, every little task if it helps to motivate your spirit.

How Can I Help You? 

Tell me all about it in a free 20 minute consultation. Send me a message and we will schedule some time.

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